When ordering promotional items, print items and apparel for your organization (whether from us or another company) PLEASE follow the guidelines below to ensure you get your items on time.

Click on each title below in order:

Make sure you have plenty of time to order your items

Most items take 5-7 business days from the time they are ordered by us, sometimes longer. There are some items we can get in 3 days but they are limited. We cannot place an order until the quote we give you is approved (If you are paying with SG funds, approval can take up to a couple of weeks to happen.)  A 24 hour turn-around is never a possibility for imprinted items.

Contact us first for item choices and prices

Contact us by email or phone as soon as you decide you want to order items or if you would like to learn more about what items are available.

To get started, provide the following information so we can give you the estimate and how long it will take to get everything back to you:

  • - Contact information (name, organization, cell phone, email)
  • - Item (if you aren't sure what you want, we certainly can help you find the right item)
  • - Quantity
  • - Preferred color of the item
  • - If ordering apparel, where you want the imprint on the item and how many colors per side/area are in the artwork.
  • - Let us know if the artwork is ready or if you would like us to design it
      • (see our specs to make sure it is done correctly --- This is very important --- if the artwork is not at the right resolution it will not print clearly)
    • * if ordering print items, we will have additional questions depending on what you need
  • - When you need the items
  • - How your payment is being made for the items (SG, Credit card, Cash/Check)

How you are paying affects turn-around time

If you are paying for the items with SG funds, we CANNOT place the order until we receive approval from SG in an email. We will give you an official quote that you submit to SG with your SAR for approval. You may get a notice that an SAR has been approved in Docutraq but that doesn’t mean it has been sent to us as approved. If time is running short, contact SG to see what is keeping the SAR from being approved. Sometimes, they need more documentation from you or they need to see a proof of the artwork to make sure it says “Funded by SG” or has the SG logo in the artwork before it can be approved. We will provide the proof.

If you are paying with non-SG funds, we will need an approval on price from the person responsible for payment before we can place the order.

Stay in Contact with us during the approval process
Let us know you are working on approval. We have a lot of clients and need to fit you into our schedule so, knowing that you will be placing the order with us helps keep your project on time.

  • For an order to go to press:
    1. The artwork needs to be setup by us for the production company
    2. The proofs and order specifications need to be approved by you

    We would rather have an order ready to go when it gets approval so it doesn't get held up. Working with us to get the order ready while you are waiting for approval ensures your order goes to press as soon as possible.

When We Receive Approval
When we have received approval for the order, we will email you the final quantity, prices and proofs to get your final approval so we can send it to press. If you haven't worked with us yet on the artwork for the order, we will need to do so at this time. We will try to fit you into our schedule as quickly as possible.


Once the order is complete, if you are paying with SG funds, we will invoice them. If you are paying with outside funds, payment must be made before the order is delivered or at time of pick up.

A copy of these guideline can be downloaded here so you can pass them on to anyone who may be placing orders now or in the future. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.