Made up of University of Florida alumni and students, Creative Advertising is a full service graphic design and advertising agency that offers a diverse collaboration of experience, skill and talent. Our agency relies on that diversity to offer our clients the best solution to their marketing needs.


A unique aspect of Creative Advertising is our teaching aspect. As well as being a full service advertising agency, we are also a teaching agency. Through our internship program, we help college students gain the experience and knowledge they need to further their careers. In doing so, we constantly have a changing of the guard that adds to the diversity of our family. Each new member brings their own unique outlook on our many projects which helps to keep the agency in the know of what is the hot new trend as well as broadening the creative ability of the permanent staff. We demand only the best from ourselves and our interns so we can offer our clients a service that is top of the line.


And above all, we enjoy what we do. Day in and day out we stress the importance of fun in creativity. We believe that in order to produce an effective product, we have to enjoy our job. Without a love of what you do, in any field, you will produce lackluster results and for CA, that isn't an option. We love what we do, have fun in our endevours, and enjoy every challenge that comes our way - and it shows! We present a very friendly, easy-going atmosphere to encourage a personal connection with our clients in order to facilitate a full and clear expression of their vision for their product. In addition, we work with each client to arrive at the right price for their budget.



Creative Advertising was founded by it's President, Fran Ricardo, in 1984. A graduate of the University of Florida, she had a vision for a graphic design firm with a relaxed atmosphere, where clients can feel like part of the family while working within their budget to receive excellent quality in the products they order. This has made Creative Advertising the go-to agency for many University of Florida groups and organizations, as well as many local businesses.


Nikki Torok is the Vice President of Creative Services. She started as an intern in 1994 and was offered a position as Graphic Designer in 1995. Nikki graduated in 1996 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and a minor in Art History. Through experience and talent, she was promoted to Creative Director in the Fall of 1998 and to VP of Creative Services in 2007. Every project that Creative Advertising has undertaken has been influenced, if not created, by her skill with the computer and those programs needed to produce them, as well as her talent for developing the design that is right for each one. She approaches each project with enthusiasm and passion because she truly enjoys the challenges that graphic design presents. It is this love of the craft that lends itself to the satisfied clients that keep coming back to Creative Advertising.


Our client base is very diverse. We have worked with many businesses in Gainesville as well as groups and organizations within the University of Florida since 1984.


At the University of Florida, we have been involved with...


  • Asian Student Union
  • Black Student Union
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Medicine
  • Cuban-American Student Association
  • Dominican Student Association
  • Hispanic Student Association
  • Institute of Black Culture
  • Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures
  • Rinker School of Building Construction
  • Savant
  • Students Taking Action Against Racism
  • Volunteers for International Student Affairs
    ... to name a few


Some of the businesses we have worked with are...


  • Alternatives
  • Apple Brothers Construction & Roofing
  • Bento Cafe
  • Cafe Gardens
  • Cairo Grille
  • Campus Credit Union
  • Civic Media Center
  • Eastside High School
  • Gainesville Real Estate Management Company
  • Lexington Apartments
  • M & S Bank
  • Mister Paper
  • Royal Village Apartments
  • The Ridge Apartments
  • Tilecraft
  • University House
  • Yale RebLaw