Screen Printing


For successful screen printing, the best format for artwork is vector, we suggest Adobe Illustrator. Always change your text to outlines before sending the file.


If using Adobe Photoshop, place each color on a seperate layer, do not merge layers - and send the font files that you used in the design. Make sure your artwork is the size you want it to be on the shirt and is 300dpi.
(If the files are too big to email, we suggest using, it is free)


For imprints of color photos or complicated designs that use halftones and shadows, a digital print may be necessary.


Other file formats can be acceptable depending on the design, as long as the artwork is at least 300dpi at the size you want it printed. Artwork from the internet is 72dpi which does not produce resolution.


The maximum size for screen printing on the front and back of a shirt is between 12" and 14" wide and 17" and 19"high, depending on the shirt you are ordering. For other locations, such as sleeves, or other apparel, call for dimensions.

When embroidering, as long as your image is at 300dpi, at the final size, any of the popular file formats are acceptable.


  • File Formats:
  • .TIF
  • .PDF
  • .EPS
  • .JPG(high resolution only)

If you are just embroidering text on your shirt, click here to see standard fonts that are available. If you want fonts other than these, please send us your text in that font in one of the file formats above. You will need to send the font file as well.


To add names and/or positions to your shirt, please send us an excel or word document with the names and/or positions and the size of the person's shirt. (Please check the spelling of each name and/or position, we do not check name lists for errors. They are sent directly to the embroiderer.)